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Wind up the horsepower!

If tractor horsepower of up to 80hp is available and you want to get maximum chipping output for minimum investment, then take a serious look at the ChipMaster 220 TMP. Three-point-linkage mounted and driven by the power-take-off shaft, the hydraulic feed rollers are powered from the tractor hydraulic system so utilising available equipment already employed. Similar throughout to the road-tow specification, we are talking high throughput of materials and this machine will take virtually everything you can throw at it.

The backbone of the ChipMaster 220 TMP design is based on a deep beam, high tensile steel chassis which creates tremendous strength and ensures a robust performance. A new, generous in-feed hopper, measuring 1100mm x 800mm, means that free-flow of bulky material can be handled without having to trim to a more manageable size. As the material passes through aggressive 230mm x 230mm twin, hydraulically powered feed rollers, the patented, electronically controlled ‘No-Stress’ feed system varies the speed of throughput to ensure maximum chipping efficiency.

The chipping system comes with the patented and renowned ‘Disc-Blade’ configuration which allows rotation of the cutting edge and extends the sharpening period to only once in approximately 150 hours. This is a feature that reduces downtime, cuts maintenance, reduces labour costs and maximises working performance.

Maintenance is very minimal, with a few grease points and a daily check-over. Apart from that, your chipper is ready to go!

Like all GreenMech chippers and shredders, the ChipMaster 220 is manufactured with a heavy-duty construction design, using high quality materials and a highly durable powder-coat finish which stands the test of time and holds a very strong residual value. Another big plus with GreenMech chippers is that they run quiet and are less likely to cause issues with noise pollution. This machine comes with a full, unlimited, three-year, no quibble warranty!

Take a look at the specifications below;

12 870, 00 € +VAT

Key features:

  •  220mm chipping capacity
  •  Disc-Blade cutting technology
  • Twin hydraulic feed rollers
  • No-Stress power control
  • Bottom-bar safety mechanism
  • 860kg weight
Compact class
Professional class
High performance class


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