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Making it easy for our customers and users

As a progressive engineering company, always looking for ways to improve our products or make it easier for our customers and machine operators, we welcome feedback from industry users, be they residential users or industry professionals. We always take feedback seriously and research the recommendations to see how we can improve our product. Often products in this section are as a result of that feedback. For example, below is a review of the latest disc-blade sharpener, something that has been requested by hire companies to speed-up dic-blade sharpening procedures. Keep a look out for more offerings as they evolve.

For those operators who have several GreenMech machines employed on contracts or hire fleets, the GreenMech Disc Blade Sharpener is an ideal addition to your arsenal. Designed for quick and efficient sharpening of GreenMech disc blades, means that a complete sharpening process can be completed in minutes. Simple mounting of disc blades into a special spring-loaded cradle, presents the disc at precisely the right angle to the grinding stone maintaining the right chipping profile. A simple, manually operated rotating handle, moves the blade across the grinding face until the blade has been sharpened. The GreenMech Disc Blade sharpener includes a traditional, secondary wheel for every day use in the workshop. For those GreenMech operators who prefer the convenience of factory or dealer sharpened blades, this service remains fully available.

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